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Realm and Empire just won the war on bad fashion

realm and empire

Absolutely nothing


War, huh, yeah

What is it good for

Absolutely nothing

Say it again, y’all

I said, war, huh

Good God, y’all

What is it good for

Absolutely nothing

Say it again

Ok ok, we could do that all day long… and whilst we agree entirely with the sentiment of Edwin Starr’s smash hit “War”, we may have found one completely trivial point to disagree on.  You see, the military’s influence on fashion has been substantial and has delivered such staple pieces as khaki trousers, double-breasted coats and nothing less than the Wellington Boot.  That’s why REALM & EMPIRE have chosen a winning strategy by providing a modern menswear collection influenced by British military history.

Established in 2011, Realm & Empire launched its first collection for SS12, and they have quickly carved a niche as a brand that is visually appealing; in a large part due to their collaborative inspiration from the archives of the Imperial War Museum (IWM).  Each season, the creative process begins with a field trip to IWM, where inspiration comes from sifting through archived garments, documents, artefacts and photographs.


The collection includes everything from shirts and sweats, to knitwear and outwear; enough to keep you marching down the high street or up rugged terrain.  We particularly like the RE-ISSUE collection, a mid-season sale of limited edition, classics and favourites that Realm & Empire offer for a second chance to claim; perfect if you have only just stumbled across the brand.

AW16 features the Submerged Collection: a new range of quilted coats and gilets ready to protect you from the cold months ahead. Choose from the lightweight Deck Jacket, a range of Puffer Jackets (with military grade thermal lining) or the exquisite Captain Duffle Coat for maximum style and comfort. For all the lovely details visit


Our verdict: Rule Britannia!



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