Festival Number 6 Streetfood Superstars… Meet Vinn Goute

Festival Number 6 Streetfood Superstars…  Meet Vinn Goute


Vinn Goute – pronounced ‘ vin-gou-tay’ literally means ‘come and taste’ in Seychelles kreol.

The concept of Vinn Goute culminates from 3 things: their family, their food and their country. Seychelles are a unique group of islands scattered in the Indian Ocean surrounded by an abundance of fish and seafood with an indigenous and harmonious population. Our influences are from Asia, Africa and Europe and this is reflected in our delicious recipes. For us everything is about the atmosphere of the family kitchen and this is where we want to take you on the adventure for your palate.

How long have you been running your food business and what were you doing


this is our 4th year.. we started out in 2011 as a pet project and found t was really successful - so we joined kerb and the street feast family in 2012 

What inspired you to start this business?


my grand mother.. and my aunt who cooked the foods my grandmother used to feed us. She used to call out 'vinn goute' 'vinn goute' (means come taste, come taste)

You must get to take the outlet to some interesting places, tell us about the


The best is Lambeth country show, London based real festival.. Great atmosphere - free for the people to come and enjoy as well 

How excited are you about festival number 6?


Super -- Always wanted to do it.. A festival that appreciates good food.. 


There is an incredible choice of food outlets there, why should people choose


Bringing the shores of seychelles to the beaches of wales!! Can you resist that!! *we cannot gaurantee the sunshine! 

What’s the one dish you think people absolutely must try at Fn6 and why?


Curried Goat - Seychelles Style! and one more - the exotic Fish (so many to choose from)


Visit festivalnumber6.com for more details.


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