Festival Number 6 Streetfood Superstars.... Meet Fat Annie's!

You haven’t had a hot dog till you’ve had a Fat Annie’s hot dog. After trekking around the globe, including an inspirational trip to New York to sample the best hot dogs in the world, founder James from Manchester created Fat Annie’s in 2014. You’ll find a range of specialist smoked and continental sausages made by their own sausage maker using only British farmed pork and beef, as well as our famous veggie one (as seen on TV). With a selection of house made pickles, unique toppings and sauces, all served in freshly baked artisan bread from a custom built cart, this is a hot dog experience like no other.


How long have you been running your food business and what were you doing

I set up Fat Annie's Hot Dogs in spring 2014 when I took voluntary redundancy from my job as a Mental Health Commissioner for Manchester City Council.      

What inspired you to start this business?  

I have always been drawn to the energy and theatre of food made on the street wherever I've travelled from the amazing hot pretzels in Romania, grilled sweetcorn in Marrakesh, pad thai in Bangkok and of course the sausages in Vienna and currywurst in Hamburg.  I wanted to create that same excitement that I felt when you discover something unique, authentic and tasty. My final inspiration came when I hopped on a plane when I finished my old job and went round New York for 5 days eating the best hot dogs the city had to offer, it was an amazing experience.  I came back found myself a specialist sausage maker and Fat Annie's was born.    

You must get to take the outlet to some interesting places, tell us about the best?  

We've done all sorts over the last 2 years from glitzy awards bashes to the football at FC United in Manchester which we love.  Probably our favourite one off gig was a private party for a restaurant chain based in Chester, it was a frat party theme and the whole restaurant had been done out to look like a fraternity party complete with baths filled with beers, rodeo machine, blow up dolls, bedrooms made in the booths and drinking games.  They shipped in coaches of staff from all their restaurants and they were crazy but such good fun, our food went down a storm and once we'd sold out of everything we joined in the party! 

How excited are you about festival number 6? 

We are genuinely thrilled to be part of FN6, it's the one festival I really wanted to do when I set up the business, it's the perfect blend of great music, a lovely crowd and what has to be the most amazing setting you can have for a festival.  It'll also be my birthday while we're there so it'll make it even more special.   

There is an incredible choice of food outlets there, why should people choose

Yes the food selection is amazing as ever this year I'd say try them all while you're here but make sure you make a trip to the woods to visit us.  We're all about quality from our freshly baked fluffy bread, our sausages that are custom made just for us and our house pickles and toppings, you'll never taste another hot dog like it. If you're a vegetarian or gluten free we've also got options for you which you don't get at many hot dog places.   

What’s the one dish you think people absolutely must try at Fn6 and why?  

Our signature hot dog is the Annie Mac, an oak smoked hot dog topped with American cheese, house pickle, Fat Annie's secret sauce and crispy shallots.  This is the first special we ever did and has been our best seller ever since the sweet and tangy pickle combined with the sauce make this one a must to try.  The Annie Mac fries are pretty special too.  

See festivalnumber6.com for more details.